Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi Scandal: Real or Not Real?!

The hottest gossip and entertainment site Fashion Pulis posted a controversial blind item photo. On August 12, 2013, a blurred photo of two hunks having intimate love scene was posted  with a title of Question: Who's The Boy in The Scandal Photo?   

Here is the said controversial photo below:

Many got curious with the said hot M2M photo and made their wildest guess about the post. Until on August 14, 2013, the website posted a clear photo of the hunk actors Piolo Pascual  and Carlos Agassi with a title of Face Off: Piolo Pascual vs Carlos Agassi.

Is Fashion Pulis now giving a clue about the first controversial photo posted on the previous day?

A reactor connected the dots and posted a comment, an inquiry if it (photo of Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi) is related with the previous photo Fashion Pulis posted. Below is the screenshot: 

Now we're throwing the question to you. What do you think is the truth behind these said controversial posts?! What is real, what is not?! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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  1. That photo was the blowjob scene of Rico Barrera sa film na Walang Hanggang Paalam