"My Husband's Lover" Episode - Vincent to Lally: "I Need Space!"

Last Friday, in the GMA Primetime Series “My Husband’s Lover,” Vincent (portrayed by Tom Rodriguez) asked for “space” from his wife, Lally (Carla Abellana).

In an effort to find time to discern what's the best thing to do with his life, Vincent told Lally that he was going to a business convention in Cebu.  Of course, there was really no convention to attend! Vincent was actually in the condo unit previously owned by his "lover" Eric (Vincent had secretly bought the said unit through a broker).

Lally did not buy Vincent’s alibi. She easily figured out that her husband was lying – again.  She called up Vincent and rebuked him for his lies; she was sure that Vincent was not in a convention although she didn't know he really was. Left without a choice, Vincent, admitted that he only wanted space from her and Eric, that’s why he left. Lally, furiously “granted” Vincent’s wish and turned to her “friend” Paul (Pancho Magno) for comfort.

While strolling in a mall, Vincent’s mom Elaine (Kuh Ledesma) fortuitously spotted Lally having lunch with Paul.  She immediately suspected that her daughter-in-law is having an affair with Paul and told her husband Gen. Armando Soriano (Roi Vinzon) about it.

The retired general dismissed Elaine’s “report” about Lally’s supposed date with Paul reasoning that it could be just a “friendly” date but Elaine won’t budge.  She thought that a married woman like Lally shouldn’t be seen going out with another man.  She concluded that it is Lally, and not Vincent, who is causing whatever trouble is plaguing the couple’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Lally has resolved to pursue her studies and told her mom Sandra (Glydel Mercado) about it.  Sandra told her daughter that she’s lucky to have such an understanding husband as Vincent. Obviously, Sandra is unaware of the woes that are causing Lally and Vincent’s marriage to crumble.

Before leaving her mom’s home, Lally gave her some cash, which she hesitantly accepted. Sandra complained that Lally’s sister Evelyn (Karel Marquez) has never given her money to cover for their expenses even if she already works in a call center (Sandra does not know that Evelyn is not a call center agent; she actually sells – possibly fake -- jewelry).

Upon Lally’s arrival at Vincent’s home, she was met with suspicion by Elaine. Elaine asked if she went on a “date” with another guy. Lally belied Elaine’s allegations that she and Paul have an affair; she insisted that it was just an ordinary lunch with a friend.

Gen. Armando warned Lally that if she breaks their trust by being unfaithful to Vincent, not just her marriage with Vincent will suffer; the family’s reputation will also be at stake.

Lally was so upset by the allegations hurled at her by Vincent’s parents.  She could have easily told Gen. Armando and Elaine the truth – that their son is gay and this is what’s ruining their relationship – but because she love Vincent so much, she stopped herself just as she was about to blurt it out to Elaine.

Meanwhile, as Vincent was about to go out of Eric’s former condominium building, he saw Eric inquiring with the security guard about his unit’s new owner. He still does not know that his “lover” Vincent bought his unit.  The security guard refused to divulge the identity of the new owner and so, Eric left the building. Unable to contain his longing for Eric, Vincent went after him.

How will this meeting between Vincent and Eric affect Vincent’s decision about her marriage with Lally? Will he gain enough courage to choose between Eric and Lally? Is he really serious when he asked Lally for a separation?

Find out the answers to these questions tonight in “My Husband’s Lover” airing after “Mundo Mo’y Akin” on GMA Telebabad. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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