Zanjoe Marudo Celebrates 31st Birthday!

Crowd-favorite and comedy hunk Zanjoe Marudo has something special coming his way now that he’s about to have his 31st birthday celebration with his friends and comrades on the fun-filled “Banana Nite” this Saturday (July 20).

The versatile actor has recently been getting much buzz and acclaim for his latest projects that have been bringing him much praise and admiration from the audience. With Star Cinema’s recent offering, “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance” and a lead role in the top-rating television series “Annaliza”, Zanjoe’s past and current year have indeed been filled with blessing after blessing.

Now, however, it’s about time for Zanjoe to enjoy all that he’s been through—with smiles and laughs among some of the people who have added to all his success.

With a new year on the way, Zanjoe is about to take on even more kinds of risks, starting with his first ever singing performance with a live band. Hilarious gags and sketches are also well on the way for his celebration, sharing all the fun with an audience whose enjoyment he holds dear.

Even more—there’s a special surprise in store for Zanjoe that is sure to touch his heart. With that coming his way, his 31st birthday is sure to be absolutely complete.

Tune in to the celebration on “Banana Nite” this Saturday (July 20), as Zanjoe Marudo shares what’s in store for his birthday on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “Toda Max”. (

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