Kaye Abad and Denise Laurel's Brawl Scene in 'Annaliza' Excites Viewers!

Annaliza lead star Kaye Abad said she’s still having a hard time portraying the role of Stella in ABS-CBN’s hit primetime family drama because the character is very different from her true personality off-cam.

“It’s really a challenge for me to play an antagonist. It drains me so much after takes. Whenever I watch Annaliza, I find my character too loud,” Kaye said.

She may find it challenging but Kaye remains thankful to ABS-CBN that she was given the chance to take on a different role for a change.

“I can say that I am actually working as an actress by playing Stella. Crying and making the audience sympathize with my character are so easy for me. Playing the bad girl is just really tough and requires effort from me,” she added.

This week, avid viewers will once again see Stella’s cruelty as an encounter ensues between her and Isabel (Denise Laurel).

Isabel confronts Stella for hurting Annaliza and criticizes the way she disciplines the young girl. The confrontation will then lead to an intense brawl with Stella finally unleashing her long kept rage for Lazaro (Patrick Garcia) through his wife Isabel.

Where will this encounter lead to? How will this affect the way Stella treats Annaliza?

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