"My Husband's Lover" Marathon: Week 3 Full Episodes!

The Week 3 (June 24 to 28, 2013) episodes of "My Husband's Lover" get more exciting! Yes, this is the week where Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) and Eric (Dennis Trillo) finally reconcile! The romance between the two returns!

At first, Eric resigned from being the architect of Vincent and Lally's dream house to move away from Vincent. But still, destiny paved way for the two men to give their love a second chance!

This week also tackles the story of two mothers - Glydel Mercado and Chanda Romero. Glydel's character as the mother of Lally (Carla Abellana) returned to her daughters after ten years of moving away. On the other hand, Chanda who is playing the mother of Eric still showed support to her only son even though Eric and Vincent regained love affair.  

Here is the full week 3 episodes of "My Husband's Lover." Let's all watch these:

Episode 11 (June 24, 2013):

Episode 12 (June 25, 2013):

Episode 13 (June 26, 2013):

Episode 14 (June 27, 2013):

Episode 15 (June 28, 2013):

To conclude, the week 3 of this most controversial and top-rating TV series of GMA-7 was truly full of emotions! Many said that the episodes made them cry. At the same time, the romance of Vincent and Eric inspired many netizens. That is, more and more people got hooked with this teleserye! 

Once more many thanks to BiroGo for uploading these complete video episodes! Keep it up!

Catch another exciting new week of "My Husband's Lover" weeknights in GMA Telebabad! And of course, catch next week the full compilation of Week 4 of this teleserye here and only here in TV Series Craze! MHL truly rocks! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)  

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