Maxene Magalona's Kontrabida Character in 'Mga Basang Sisiw' Draws Ire from Viewers!

Maxene Magalona may be charming in real life but her sinister role in the GMA afternoon series “Mga Basang Sisiw” is drawing ire from viewers.

Since the second week of the series’ run, its official account on Twitter (@mgabasangsisiw) and on Facebook( have been receiving “hate” comments from viewers carried away by Maxene’s portrayal as Vicky.  Vicky is the main antagonist who makes the life of the lead characters portrayed by Renz Valerio, Bianca Umali, Kimberly Fulgar, Hershey Garcia and Miko Zarsadias miserable every single day.

In the story, Vicky is a distant relative of Olivia (Lani Mercado) who secretly admires the latter’s husband, Froilan.  In her desire to ruin the marriage of Froilan and Olivia, Vicky blackmailed Froilan and made Olivia believe that she and Froilan had an affair. Olivia decided to leave their home with her children and head for the province.  Unfortunately for Olivia and the kids, the plane they boarded was doomed; it crashed into the sea.  While all her five children were rescued from the crash site, Olivia’s body was not found – and so she was presumed dead.

The children were brought back to their father, who was devastated by the demise of his wife.  Now that Olivia is dead, Vicky hopes that Froilan will shift his attention towards her but that was not the case. Froilan continued to hope that Olivia is alive. This angers Vicky and, at the peak of her “insanity,” she rammed her car and hit Froilan knocking him unconscious.  Froilan incurred grave injury in the head and was comatose.

Since Vicky is the only relative close enough to be the children’s trustee, she was appointed as the legal guardian of the kids. This new development in the story gives Vicky the privilege to wreak havoc on these kids, whom she hates so much because they remind her of their mother.

Although the outpour of not-so-nice feedback online against Vicky is overwhelming, Maxine Magalona takes no offence.  Instead, she considers it a pat on her back for a job well done – and she seems to be right about her assumptions.  Most of the netizens who tweeted nasty things about Vicky also praised Maxene for showing exceptional talent as kontrabida. And like in classic TV dramas, the more you fight with the kontrabidas, the more sinister they become.

While the future of Froilan and Olivia’s children is still uncertain due to the absence of their parents, one thing is for sure: Vicky is not done with these kids just yet.

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