Garage Magazine Features Two Hunk Athletes Chris Banchero and Anton Del Rosario on the Covers!

The men's fashion magazine Garage features two of the hot hunk athletes in their June 2013 cover. They are the basketball yummy hot star Chris Banchero and the AZKAL's hunk player Anton Del Rosario.

The two posed sexy hot exposing their sizzling abs. They were featured in two separate covers of the said magazine for this month. Check them out below:        

The basketball hunk heartthrob Chris Banchero

The Football Hottie Anton Del Rosario

Which of the two is hotter and yummier?! Which of them awakes your senses?! And who between them is your bet?! 

The two hunk athletes banner this month's issue of Garage dubbed as "Team Spirit: Our Sports and Style Issue."    

Aside from these two hunks, the magazine also features 152 pages of back to school key looks. Cool! (

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