Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, Joel Torre, and Piolo Pascual in Cannes Film Festival for the Movie 'On the Job!'

Four of the lead actors namely Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, Joel Torre,  and Piolo Pascual attended the prestige Cannes Film Festival for their upcoming action-suspense film "On the Job!"    
The movie which is held by the director Erik Matti has been picked up for distribution by Well Go USA Entertainment.  

Check out the Cannes Festival's photos of the four actors courtesy of Piolo Pascual's official Facebook Fan Page:  

The movie is based on a real case of top Filipino political brass issuing day passes to incarcerated criminals in order to carry out hits

"On the Job"also stars Joey Marquez, Leo Martinez,  and Angel Aquino.

The movie is also the very first team-up of Piolo and Gerald in the lead roles! (

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