Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro Caught in Bed?!

'Tay Mac (Al Tantay) is shocked to find his daughter Isabel (Angel Locsin) and her boyfriend Justin (Vhong Navarro) in each other’s arms while lying in bed this Saturday's (May 18) episode of the award-winning sitcom “Toda Max.” Could there have been something more than just a tight embrace, as 'Tay Mac suspects? Will Justin take the responsibility for Isabel?

Meanwhile, Madam K (K Brosas), who was the fiercest rival of Lady G (Pokwang) in the election for Beverly Gils councilor, returns to take her revenge on Lady G. Madam K insists that Lady G won as councilor because she cheated. Will Madam K prove her accusations against Lady G?

Justin, on the other hand, is worried since Lady G already gave him a deadline to pay his debts. Madam K offers Justin financial help in return for pretending to be a witness against Lady G. Will Justin accept Madam K’s offer?

Find out in “Toda Max” this Saturday (May 18) on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “Maalala Mo Kaya.”(

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