Myrtle Sarrosa's 'Mr. Kupido' Music Video Featuring Enrique Gil!

"PBB Teen Edition" Big Winner Myrtle Sarrosa just released the music video of her rendition of the classic OPM hit "Mr. Kupido." And the young heartthrob Enrique Gil is featured in the said music video!

In the MV, Myrtle has a great crush to Enrique. She will do everything just to catch the attention of the cute guy.

Here is the said music video of Myrtle's rendition of "Mr. Kupido." Let's watch this:

The music video is very modern! The classic song is now modernized via the Cosplayer Goddess Myrtle's version.

What can you say about this rendition of Myrtle? Do you like it better than the original?!(

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