The "Queen of Asianovelas" Returns! Meet Vanessa and Jonathan, the 'Ohhlala Couple!'

 Go “ohh la la” with the laughter and romance to be served on weekday mornings by Queen of Asianovelas, Kim Jung Eun, as she returns to Philippine television via ABS-CBN’s newest Koreanovela offering, “Ohhlala Couple” beginning Monday (Feb 11).

After her hit series “Lovers in Paris,” “Lovers,” “Princess Lulu,” and “I am Legend,” which all aired on ABS-CBN, Jung Eun is back as she plays a housewife possessed by her husband’s soul.

Vanessa is a dedicated wife to her husband Jonathan. For 12 years, she has fulfilled her duties well as a wife and as mom to their son. But despite all these efforts, her marriage still made it to the brink after Vanessa caught her hotelier husband cheating on her.

The two agreed to part ways but on the day their divorce was approved, an accident happened. When they woke up the next day, they realized that their souls have swapped and they have no idea how it happened.

Meet Vanessa

Meet Jonathan

The ex-couple must find the key to return to their original bodies but at the same time, they must also do everything to keep their in-laws, son, and friends from knowing their current situation.

Can the two get out of this mess? What will they discover from each other now that they assume each other’s identities? Will Jonathan appreciate Vanessa more now that he is on her shoes? Can they rekindle the love lost?

Don’t miss the back-to-back Koreanovela offering beginning Monday (Feb 11) with the premier of “Ohhlala Couple” at 10:15 AM, after “You’re Still the One,” on ABS-CBN’s Umaganda.(

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