Miles Ocampo Reveals that Marco Gumabao is her Ideal Boyfriend!

At 15, Miles Ocampo hasn’t experienced having a boyfriend yet. But according to the teen star, she imagines that her ideal guy would most likely have the qualities of her “LUV U” on-screen partner Marco Gumabao.

“Marco is very sincere and caring. He also tries his best to make you feel comfortable and special in his own small ways. I really like that about him,” said Miles.

However, Miles clarified that she’s not looking for a special someone right now because her focus is on her career and studies. “I’m already having a difficult time juggling those two. I don’t think I can fit a boyfriend in my schedule,” she said laughing.

Likewise, Marco’s priority is his work and studies.

Will Miles and Marco’s characters in “LUV U” decide the same way? On “LUV U” this Sunday, the couples will talk about their upcoming graduation and college plans. JB (Marco) will receive an offer to be a varsity player in a large university while Boom (CJ Navato) will be forced by his dad to enter the Philippine Military Academy.

Is this the end of the “LUV U” barkada? Find out this Sunday (February 17) on “LUV U” after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN.(

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