Dennis Trillo Lookalike and Cosmo Hunk Sebastian Castro Comes Out of the Closet!

At a first glance, you my mistakenly identify him as Dennis Trillo since he has a resemblance with the Kapuso hunk actor. Or probably, he is cuter than the "Temptation of Wife" actor everyone is dreaming of. But he's not Dennis Trillo. He is no other than Sebastian Castro, one of the sexiest and hottest 2011 Cosmopolitan Bachelors. 

He is known by some since he already appeared in the different magazine centerfolds, ramp/fashion modelling, or YouTube videos of his own showing his talent. But he is now more popular today as he revealed himself in his own YouTube channel - that he is a gay! 

Here is his own videos which is now shocking the world-wide web admitting his real identity: 

Sebastian or better known as Seb uploaded the said video on the night of February 18.

Prior to this "coming out" video, the 22-year old model uploaded his sexy music video entitled "Bubble" revealing his real personality!

“I am gay. I am proud to be gay.” - the brave words Seb spoke in the video! What can you say about this great revelation of a hunky and handsome commercial model after the controversial revelation of then Rustom Padilla in Philippine TV years ago?! The question then goes, who's next?! ( 

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