Bonding Moments of New Moms Sunshine Dizon, Katrina Halili, and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in 'Sarap Diva' This Saturday!

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid gets intimate with her guests, new moms Katrina Halili and Sunshine Dizon, this Saturday on GMA’s most entertaining food show, Sarap Diva!

Baby Nate Alcasid’s first birthday party is fast approaching and a party is already underway! And both Katrina and Sunshine will share their favorite dessert recipes for Baby Nate’s celebration. 

Aside from her Nutty Coated Crunchie and Banana Sampler recipes, Sunshine will also share her real-life experiences in raising her two babies, while Katrina will speak about her entertaining and challenging experiences in raising baby Katrence with her partner Kris Lawrence. The three new moms will share stories and honest reactions to the criticism that they get about their weight, how they are currently working on getting back into shape, and their future plans as new mothers.

And in true Diva style, Regine will perform an inspiring number for all mothers, who like all three of them, go through the daily ups and downs, bitter challenges, and the overwhelming sweetness of motherhood.

Join the fun conversations, enjoy the delicious food, and sing along with Regine in Sarap Diva this Saturday, 9:40 A.M., on GMA!

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