Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales Share the "Magic" of 'Suddenly It's Magic' in the Movie's Grand Presscon!

 Thai Superstar Mario Maurer finally arrived in Manila and graced a grand presscon together with the whole cast of the exciting romance-comedy film, "Suddenly It's Magic." The event took place in ABS-CBN Dolphy Theater, Monday Night, October 29, 2012.

The event becomes more exciting as the lead stars Mario and Erich Gonzales shared interesting experience while filming the movie as well as enthusiastically answered exciting questions from the press!

Mario whom for the first time did a Filipino movie described the Filipino women as sexy and caring. He shared the hospitality showcased to him by the Filipinas most specially his leading lady Erich.

One thing that Mario didn't forgot about Erich was their slapping scene where Erich slapped him on his face. Mario jokingly uttered that Erich's hand was powerful!

Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, and Joross Gamboa Comprise the Young Cast of the Movie

The Movie is Another First in Philippine Cinema Wherein Two Asian Culture Unite!

Mario and Erich Share Memorable Experience Working Together
 Mario also revealed the Tagalog words he learned while doing the movie. It's surprising to note that aside from "Mahal Kita," "Salamat." and "Mahal Ko Kayo," the Filipino termed he learned much was the word "sabi!" He even uttered the said word with action and expression from his face revealing his cute personality! When asked to whom where he learned the said word, Mario said that he learned it from the whole cast! "They always say it," he said.

If Mario revealed his impression to the Filipino women, Erich on the other hand shared her impression to the Thai men. According to him, Thai men were charming. And Mario is a perfect example of it!

 Kakai Bautista who is also member of the lead cast shared interesting fact about Mario. She said, "'Nung nasa Ilocos kami na sobrang init, hindi mo maririnig si Mario na humihingi ng tubig o nagrereklamong naiinitan!" He is so cool while shooting the movie.

Another member of the lead cast is the Kapamilya returnee Joross Gamboa. Joross' character in the movie is challenging - he is playing a gay man, the bestfriend and sidekick of Erich!

 Joross even shared his bonding moment with Mario. He said, "kami ang laging magkasama at magkasundo ni Mario." The Thai heartthrob agreed!

Mario and Erich Posted a Perfect Chemistry!

Joross Gamboa Plays a Gay Bestfriend of Erich in the Movie!

Erich is Reminded of Something While Filming the Movie
 Aside from Mario, Erich, Kakai, and Joross, part of the cast who were also present in the presscon were the comedians Ces Quizada, Dinkee Doo, and Joy Viado. Joy's attire in the night's event was extra-ordinary which captivated the attention of the press and audience. She was wearing an Egyptian-like outfit. According to her, her costume was fresh from Thailand! And take note (as she said), she was the Filipina cast who was together with Erich and Mario shooting in Thailand!     

Joy even revealed that her eldest son is older than Mario. "So imposible na ma-inlove ako kay Mario. Mother love na lang siguro," Joy shared which made the audience laugh! 

The movie is written by the great writer Ms. Vanessa Valdez who is also the writer of the blockbuster hit "The Mistress." But this movie was earlier created than the "The Mistress." It was conceptualized in June right after the contract signing of Mario with ABS-CBN and Star Cinema.

The Filipino Term "Sabi" is One of the Tagalog Words Mario Learned

Mario Describes Filipino Woman

Direk Rory, Mario, and Erich Paused when an Interesting Question was Thrown!

Ces Quezada, Dinkee Doo, and Joy Viado are Comedy Trio in the Movie!

The Whole Cast of "Suddenly It's Magic"

Mario was accompanied by his elder brother, his kuya, Marco Maurer. He was also introduced during the event. He is equally gorgeous as Mario!

Mario said that he didn't dream to be a star. He didn't know anything about acting. Before, he just act to earn for a living, to help their mother. His humbleness knowing that he's already a superstar now was greatly appreciated!

In the movie, Mario is playing the character of the Thai actor Marcus Hanson who fell in love with the heartbroken pastry baker Joey Hermosa played by Erich! 

Catch Mario and Erich together with the other cast members including the Thai sweetheart Baifern (Mario's leading lady in "Crazy Little Thing Called Love") in "Suddenly It's Magic" showing in Philippine Cinemas this coming October 31, 2012. But before that, a red carpet premiere will take place this Tuesday night, October 30, 2012 in SM Megamall.

The movie is under the direction of Rory B. Quintos and produced by Star Cinema.

Another sure hit blockbuster to watch out! Two thumbs!( 

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