Daniel and Katerina Prove Eternal Love in Heaven, 'Walang Hanggan' Finale Trends in Twitter Worldwide!


The ending of the Philippine's phenomenal hit TV series "Walang Hanggan" surprises many viewers. This is when the lead characters, Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes) died!

Right after the death of Katerina, Daniel got a struggle with Tomas (Joem Bascon). He gunshot Daniel leaving him bloody and lifeless in the grave of Katerina!

The ending was not a sad one. Indeed, it was another happy-ending as Daniel and Katerina reunited in heaven! The teleserye left many viewers in teary eyes as Daniel and Katerina live together in heaven with their eternal love. 

The said episode even became a trending topic in the microblogging site Twitter. The hashtag #WalangHangganFinale took the No. 1 trending topic in Twitter worldwide! Even the words RIP Katerina and RIP Daniel took the Top 8 and 9 places.

Meanwhile, the acting of Dawn Zulueta playing Emily, the mother of Daniel was greatly praised after showing intense emotion after learning that her son was dead! She cried so loud with a lifeless and bloody Daniel on her hands!

Even in the finale, "Walang Hanggan" still proves that it is the country's undisputed phenomenal hit TV series! It's another remarkable teleserye from ABS-CBN!

Kudos "Walang Hanggan!" Congratulations for the success! Two thumbs up! We will truly miss you all!(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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