Meet the Protege Mega Manila Aspirants Under the Mentor Roderick Paulate!

The biggest reality artista search of GMA-7 called "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break" is now taking the country by storm! Now that the Top 20 aspirants were revealed, viewers were starting to have their own bets!

The aspirants were divided into five groups based on their locations. Each group is handled by a mentor.

For the Mega Manila aspirants, the versatile actor Mr. Roderick Paulate handles the team. He will coach them being the mentor.

Here are the four Mega Manila aspirants under Kuya Dick:

Kuya Dick's four Proteges are Andres Vasquez, Vien Alen King, Elle Ramirez and Kelly D.

Watch out for the profiles of these four Proteges including their exclusive interviews on my next succeeding posts!(

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