Eula Valdez Unveils Her Character as Black Lily in 'Walang Hanggan!'

The character of Ms. Eula Valdez as "Black Lily" in today's Philippines' phenomenal hit TV series "Walang Hanggan" will add more twist and excitement in the story. Everybody is attentively waiting for her character to enter in the life of the main characters.

Many are wondering if how is Black's Lily's character be connected to Daniel (Coco Martin), Emily (Dawn Zulueta), and Marco (Richard Gomez). Will she be as evil as the villains Margarett (Helen Gamboa) and Miquel (Nonie Buencamino) or will she surpass these two?!

In the recent solo press conference of Ms. Eula Valdez as Black Lily, the actress gave some heads up on her character! According to her, there is a mystery behind her character and why she is called as such! And viewers will be surprised knowing this mysterious twist!

In the presscon, a brand new look of Eula was witnessed! She has now a curly short hair wearing an all-black dress! She was able to separate her previous character as a kindhearted mother Olivia Dela Pena of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw" to her new role now as an antagonist Black Lily!

Eula even revealed that she is a true fashionista in terms of dressing her character in a particular teleserye. She shared that during "Pangako Sa'yo" days wherein she portrayed the remarkable Amor Powers, she bought and chose her own dress to wear! She did her own style and looks to effectively played her character as Amor!

Eula also added that at first, she felt jealous on her character as Amor Powers since people knew her more as Amor Powers rather than the real Eula Valdez! But in the end, she thanked Amor for a historical legacy it made in Philippine TV series!

Black Lily will start to invade "Walang Hanggan" starting this week! And she will start to shake the life of Daniel Quidoti!

Nice one Ms. Eula! We're pretty sure that "Walang Hanggan" will create another breaking record in terms of TV ratings! Two thumbs up Eula and "Walang Hanggan"!(

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