BB Gandanghari is Now on Her Second TV Series as a Lady!

BB Gandanghari is now officially accepted in showbiz world as her! She totally erased in the minds of many viewers her previous identity as Rustom Padilla. As proofs, she already appeared in different TV series, movie, or TV shows as BB Gandanghari carrying her lady appearance.

BB is now introduced in the newest fantaserye of TV5 "Enchanted Garden" as a lady named Michico. But actually, this is her second teleserye to play as a woman since she already portrayed a lady character before in "Eva Fonda."

BB Gandanghari in "Eva Fonda"

BB Gandanghari as Michico in "Enchanted Garden"

In "Eva Fonda," BB played the sidekick of Cristine Reyes. She was the right-hand trustee of Alma Moreno (the original "Eva Fonda") who helped Cristine. The said teleserye was aired in ABS-CBN last 2008.

But prior to "Eva Fonda," BB appeared first in GMA-7's suspense soap, "La Vendetta" in 2007 but we're unsure if she also played as a woman!

Meanwhile in "Enchanted Garden," they say that Rustom Padilla will come alive! Hmmm...we'll see!

Are you now more comfortable to see BB Gandanghari as a woman?!(

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