An Afternoon with the Main Cast of 'Princess and I!'

"Princess and I" is today's one of the leading and most-watched TV series in Primetime. With its fairytale-like story, it easily captivates the attention of many viewers specially the younger audience.

The teleserye also gave rise to the names like Princess Mikay, Bestfriend Kiko, Bad Boy Gino, Dasho Jao, and Ashi Behati! These characters were now the talk of the town and favorite personalities of many TV series addicts.

Inline with the continuous success of this so-called 'royal TV series,' the production team of "Princess and I" returned the favor. A special set visit was conducted exclusively for the bloggers.

In the said set visit, bloggers got the chance to meet, greet, and interview the leading stars of the teleserye namely Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, and Ms. Gretchen Barretto.

The cast warmly welcomed us. They talked with us in a very casual way without any pressure or hesitation. They mingled with us and treated us like their 'barkadas!'

Kathryn Bernardo Shares Her Experience Being a Princess

Daniel Padilla Sings a Song for Us!

Enrique Gil Compares His Different Roles in a TV Series

Khalil Ramos Unveils His Singing and Acting Career

Gretchen Barretto Narrates Her Dream Being a 'Queen!'

The lead star Kathryn Bernardo who is playing the character of the long-lost princess Mikay shared how she was overwhelm with this project. She said that she was so blessed to be given a chance to lead in a costly TV series project like this and got an opportunity to travel in the beautiful place of Bhutan!

Daniel Padilla who is teamed with Kathryn for the second time around thanked the fans and audience for their continuous support to their love team. Undeniably, the Kathryn-Daniel tandem is today's one of the hottest pair! Daniel is portraying the 'bad boy' character of Gino who eventually fall in love with Mikay!

Khalil Ramos' entry to this TV series is a great revelation! We all know him being the "Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3" finalist singer who always captivates the hearts of many through his romantic voice. But eventually, he became one of the three leading men of Kathryn. He told us that his first acting job was so challenging. But after he attended different workshops, he is now very comfortable to act in front of cameras!

After portraying the character of BJ in the hit advocacy-series "Budoy," Enrique Gil is now playing the prince charming Dasho Jao. Enrique compared his previous roles before to "Princess and I." According to him, his most challenging role was being BJ in "Budoy" wherein he partially played as antagonist to Gerald Anderson. Here in "Princess and I," he is a boy-next door type who continuously inspires the people. He even shared how he learned the language of Bhutan!

La Greta, Ms. Gretchen Barretto who is now playing the Queen Ashi Behati once more created another remarkable role. After portraying the high class fashionista Victoria Valera, she now became the powerful queen from the Kingdom of Yangdon. According to La Greta, to be a "queen" is her dream since childhood. She wanted to become a queen but she didn't know how?! Until this teleserye came. "Princess and I" then became the answer to her dream! La Greta even shared some of her beauty and success secrets which keep her to stay on top!

The event was such a very fun-filled afternoon! Amidst the busy schedule of these five lead casts since they were also taping on that same day, they gave us chance to talk and mingle with them!

Watch out for my next succeeding posts because I'll share with you their individual interviews! Two thumbs up "Princess and I!" Another milestone in the world of TV series was achieved because of this teleserye!(

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