New Poll: Who Do You Want to Be Kathryn Bernardo's Prince in 'Princess and I!'

Kathryn Bernardo now plays the character of the long lost princess in the newest hit TV series, "Princess and I."

Kathryn as Mikay or Princess Areeyah is so blessed not only because of being the long-lost crown princess of the fictional Kingdom of Yangdon (based on real world Bhutan), but also because she has three gorgeous heartthrob leading men!

Enrique Gil, Daniel Padilla, and Khalil Ramos are vying for the heart of Kathryn in the said teleserye. But the question goes, who among them should Mikay choose?!

Let's help Mikay select her prince charming. Who do you want among these three cute guys should Mikay fall in love with?! We are now opening our online poll survey for this another exciting poll! Enrique, Daniel, or Khalil? Start casting your votes!

Enrique Gil plays the character of Dasho Jao. He is the prince son of the aspiring queen of Yangdon (Gretchen Barretto). Actually, this is the second project of Kathryn and Enrique together after their successful movie "Way Back Home!"

Daniel Padilla is also teamed to Kathryn for the second time around. They were first paired in the youth-oriented show "Growing Up." Now in this TV series, Daniel is portraying the bad boy Gino Dela Rosa.

Meanwhile, this is the very first TV series of Khalil Ramos and his first team up with Kathryn. Khalil plays in the story the character of Kiko Salamat. He is the bestfriend of Mikay who eventually falls inlove with her!

Jao, Gino, or Kiko...who is your bet for Mikay?! Voting starts now! Keep up the good work guys! (

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