Kit Thompson is Evicted from the PBB House!

The so-called “Kid Tangkad of Pampanga” Kit Thompson or Keith Thompson is the latest evictee in the recently held "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4" Eviction Night.

Kit received the lowest number of votes among the 3 nominees!

The lowest percentage of combined text and online votes got by Kit paved way for pushing him out of the big house. Actually Kit was nominated many times but always saved from eviction. But this night, May 26, 2012 seems an unlucky night for him!

Here are the percentage votes got by the three nominess:

1. Alec Dungo – 40.81%
2. Yves Flores – 40.09%
3. Kit Thompson – 19.10%

Though Kit was kicked out from the house, I'm sure that showbiz has many projects inline with him! With his gorgeous looks and physique, Kit will be another promising star in the making! Good luck Kit! (

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