The Most Successful Koreanovela of 2011, 'Dream High' Premieres in Primetime Bida!

Korean pop stars from various singing groups come together for the very first time to portray the story of six aspiring young talents in their quest for stardom in “Dream High” premiering this Monday (Apr 16) in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

Dubbed as the most successful Korean drama of 2011, “Dream High” stars Suzy of Miss A as Kelly, Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2 PM as Gino and Jason, Ham Eun Jung of T-ara as Angelie, IU as Gelou, and actor Kim Soo Hyun as Marco, who was skyrocketed to fame after this series.

Follow these teenagers who believe no boundaries as long as they can and do whatever it takes to reach for their dream. The dream all begins in Kirin Art School, a popular institution that produces Korea’s biggest superstars.

All of them have different reasons why they auditioned at Kirin and why they wanted fame so badly. For Kelly, this is a way to pay her debts. Little did she know that music lover Marco from the province goes to school just for her after falling in love with her at first sight.

Street dancer Gino, on the other hand, wants to prove his worth to his aspiring politician dad who wants to hide him from the public because he is his lovechild. Angelie, however, has a darker motive as she wants to be the best in Kirin and take revenge on Kelly who embarrassed her during an audition.

Just like Marco, Gelou is also pursuing the dream for her biggest crush Jason, who happens to be Kirin’s best dancer. Gelou would go as far as losing weight just so as she finally be noticed by the boy she fancies.
But like any other stars, they need mentors to groom them to becoming the stars they want to be so teacher Kang and teacher Shih will be there to guide them through.

Will they make it big? How far can they go to reach for their dreams?

Don’t miss the premiere of the most successful Korean drama of 2011, “Dream High,” this Monday (Apr 16) after “PBB Teen Edition 4,” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. (

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