'Wako Wako' is Now the Newest Cute Friend of Many Filipinos!

ABS-CBN’s newest fantasy series “Wako Wako” became a trending topic on Twitter recently, as praises and commendations on the show’s pilot episode flooded the said online platform.

According to netizens, besides “Wako Wako’s” excellent special effects and cute representation of the wishing elves calles Arukans, it is also timely to launch a children-themed series as it’s already vacation time for students.

The word “wish” was also at the center of the discussions on “Wako Wako,” which means that viewers already got a good grasp of one of the program’s morals that everyone must be careful in what they wish for.

“Wako is so cute. My children love it so much,” a mother said on her Twitter post.

Meanwhile, this week on “Wako Wako,” Diyosa Marishka (Aiai delas Alas) continues her search for her lost Arukan named Barkan, who’s called Wako by his new master Muymuy (Yogo Singh)

Wako will find out that Diyosa Marishka landed on earth to get him back. He will, then, ask help from Muymuy, who’ll later discover the Arukan’s power to grant wishes.

Muymuy will also discover that the consecutive lucks he recently had were because of Wako’s help. But these granted wishes will pay off through a series of misfortunes for Muymuy’s loved ones. His mom Isay (Gladys Reyes) will fall off the stairs while his grandma Ima (Malou de Guzman) will get arrested due to illegal gambling.

Even Wako’s safety will be putto a test as Muymuy’s aunt Bechay (Maricar de Mesa) will mistake the Arukan as a hybrid of a monkey and a dog, and the cause of her skin allergies.

Catch “Wako Wako,” Mondays through Fridays, before TV Patrol on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more information, like http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wako-Wako . (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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