2011 TV Series Craze Awards Winner - 'My Binondo Girl' is the "Overall Best TV Series of 2011!"

"My Binondo Girl" really proves that this is the most favorite and the well-loved TV series of 2011! The said teleserye is chosen by the people to be the "Overall Best TV Series of 2011" here in our very own TV Series Craze Awards!

The year 2011 is another year for TV series! Different teleseryes of different genres were introduced on the said year from the three giant networks! But of all these teleseryes, "My Binondo Girl" emerged on top!

Here is the final and official result of our poll for the said category:

"My Binondo Girl" and last 2010's Best TV Series "Imortal" fought in a neck to neck battle! Their overall total votes were really closer! "My Binondo Girl" got an overall total votes of 27% which is truly closer to 24% got by "Imortal!"

Here is the Top 3 overall best TV series of 2011 based on the combined results here in this website and from our Facebook Fan Page:

1. "My Binondo Girl" - 27%

2. "Imortal" - 24%

3. "Mara Clara" - 9%

You may note that the Top 3 leading overall TV Series already got their respective titles here in our very own awards. "My Binondo Girl" is already chosen as the Best Primetime TV Series of 2011, "Imortal" is last 2010's Best TV Series, and "Mara Clara" is the 2011 Best TV Series Remake! Amazing!

"My Binondo Girl" is a light drama-romance TV series pairing for the first time the Primetime Princess Kim Chiu and the cutie hunk heartthrob Xian Lim! Jolo Revilla and Matteo Guidicelli added twists to the loveteam! And veteran stars namely Ai Ai Delas Alas, Cherry Pie Picache, Ricardo Cepeda, and Gina Pareno completed the main cast members with the newest heartthrob Mr. Richard Yap popularly called as "Papa Chen Sy," the father of Kim in the said TV series!

Congratulations to the success of "My Binondo Girl!" Fans were really missing this cool TV series! They even wished for a Part 2 of it! Great! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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