Breaking Friendship in 'Growing Up' This Sunday!

Is it really an ending for the friendship of the "Growing Up" barkada starting this Sunday?!

Conflicts arise between each member of the group after the revelation of the truth! Winston (EJ Jallorina) revealed that he is a gay. Tammy (Julia Montes) tells his girlfriend Britney (Kiray Celis) the truth but Britney doesn't believe and even throws back the issue to Tammy!

Britney also ignites the fight between the BFF Tammy and Ella (Kathryn Bernardo). She told Ella about Tammy's concern regarding their parents' relationship!

Here is the teaser of this Sunday (January 8, 2011) episode of this hit teen-oriented series:

The revelation of the truth changes the lives of the "Growing Up" gang. How can they handle such conflicts and tensions?!

Let's find out this afternoon in "Growing Up" right after "ASAP Rocks" only in ABS-CBN! (

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