Mario Maurer's Fan Conference Q and A Videos!

The visit of the hunk Thai actor-model Mario Maurer in the Philippines on the last week of October was really remarkable! It created a phenomenal hit among the Filipino fans.

Mario visited the country first for his newest endorsement in Penshoppe, second for his Star Cinema movie, third for the launching of his other endorsement in the Philippines, fourth for the Philippine fashion week, and fifth to meet and greet his Pinoy fans through a fan conference.

During his fan conference, a special interview, a Q and A portion was conducted and Mario answered it sincerely. Here are the said video clippings of the said interview. Let's all watch this:

Every time that Mario answered, fans kept on screaming! Mario's smile and words coming from his mouth really put 'kilig' to his million fans!

All really wish to have Mario Maurer back in our country! It was a dream come true to many seeing Mario Maurer in person! Good luck and more power Mario Maurer! (www.TV Series

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