The Full Trailer of 'Budoy!'

ABS-CBN launches a brand new Primetime TV series. Once more they set another trend in the world of teleserye! This time it's an advocacy-serye!

Primetime Action-Drama Prince Gerald Anderson returns on Primetime Bida. He will give life to a special child name "Budoy."

"Budoy" suffers from the so-called Angel Syndrome. This is a disorder which delays the intellectual development of a child.

Budoy is the son of Dr. Gregor Maniego (Tirso Cruz III), the top ob-gynecologist in the Philippines and Luisa Maniego (Zsa zsa Padilla), Dr. Maniego’s secretary who he chose to marry despite his mother’s disapproval. When they found out about the abnormality of their child, they throw it away and replace it with a normal child!

Here is the full trailer of "Budoy." Let's all watch this:

This newest teleserye will give us more lessons and values in life. It will lead us to love others specially those who were different or those suffering from physical disabilities!

"Budoy" is lead by a powerhouse cast! Veteran actors and actresses like Dante Rivero, Gloria Sevilla, and Ms. Barbara Perez were reunited in this one big soap opera! Of course well-known best actors and actresses like Tirso Cruz III, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Mylene Dizon, Christian Vasquez and the Kapamilya returnee Ms. Janice De Belen also give life to the important characters in the life of Budoy. And today's young generation of stars namely Jessa Mendiola, Greggy Santos, Enrique Gil, and Mr. Gerald Anderson completed the set of main cast!

"Budoy" premieres on September 26, 2011 replacing "Guns and Roses!" It's truly a very exciting TV series! Good job Gerald! Another two thumbs up to you and to this newest teleserye! (www.TV Series

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