Is Albie Casiño our Pinoy Mario Maurer?!

Hot Thai model-actor Mario Maurer is very popular now in our country after his blockbuster movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" was shown on TV! And with his popularity, everyone is looking for his Pinoy counterpart!

At first glance while watching his movie, Mario has a resemblance with the controversial young actor Albie Casiño! Yeah, Mario in many angles look like Albie! His actions, his face, and his appearance at a glance really depicts Albie! Even their body is somewhat similar! Mario is now a sexy hunk with a yummy body while Albie on the other hand also has a sizzling sexy body now to die for!

Now that everyone is thinking for a remake or Philippine adaptation of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," do you think Albie has the guts to play the role of Shone?! Can we now name Albie as our very own Pinoy Mario Maurer?!

And if Albie will play the character of Mario as Shone, who do you think will be his leading lady playing the role of Nam?!

The Philippine adaptation of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or its TV series version is indeed very much awaited by many! Hope that it will prosper soon!

Albie Casiño and Mario Maurer, do you think they were alike in appearance and in action?! If Albie is not our Pinoy Mario Maurer, who do you think among our young actors today can be his Pinoy counterpart?! (www.TV Series

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