How Will the Perfect Wife Becomes 'The Fierce Wife'?!

That is the question we need to find out as the newest Taiwan TV series or Chinovela starts this Tuesday afternoon! "The Fierce Wife" will take us to the world of seduction and infidelity!

“The Fierce Wife” is another controversial and most-talked about Taiwanese series. This tells the story of a perfect wife who will do everything for her family but when another woman threatens to take her man, the perfect wife then becomes the fierce wife!

Here is the quick synopsis of the story:

Ever since they got married, Cristine has been nothing but a perfect wife to Louie.

Their lives will take a sudden twist when Me Ann, Cristine’s cousin from the United States, arrives and lives with them for a while. Little did they know that the charming and seemingly naive Me Ann is starting to develop an attraction to Louie.

She then fearlessly seduced her cousin’s husband right at their very home.

How will Cristine prevent the wrecking of their family because of her cousin?! Will love still prevails over lust, temptation, and infidelity?!

Sounds too controversial! "The Fierce Wife" is another offering of ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold! This takes the timeslot of the recently concluded Koreanovela "Marry Me Mary!" Nice! (www.TV Series Craze,

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