'100 Days to Heaven' is Named as This Season's Most Inspiring TV Series!

ABS-CBN's top-rating TV series "100 Days to Heaven" continue to inspire people! It does not only earned the nods of TV viewers and critics, but it has also been made the teaching topic of a church sermon!

Yeah, "100 Days to Heaven" became a topic of a particular church sermon and it was even named as this season's 'Most Inspiring TV Series!' Nestor Torre, an acclaimed critic and columnist heard a sermon himself wherein the priest urged churchgoers to learn from the story of the mean, icy, and cunning owner of a toy empire, Anna Manalastas!

According to the priest, we can draw inspiration from the life story of Madam Anna Manalastas (played by Ms. Coney Reyes). After she was being killed in a car explosion, she was given a second chance to correct the wrong deeds she had done in a span of 100 days! Though she returned to earth as a child (Xyriel Ann Manabat), she pursue to correct all the bad things from her past life!

“Making amends, asking for forgiveness, attaining closure and deserving a second chance” are the important things we need to learn from this teleserye shared by the priest!

Torre in his review called "100 Days to Heaven" as this season’s "most inspiring TV series.” Nice!

"100 Days to Heaven" proves not only in terms of TV ratings that it is really well-loved and much-accepted by people! It leads the people in doing the right things! Great! Another best TV series produced by the Kapamilya network! Keep it up! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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