Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis' Billboards Removed by MMDA!

After the removal of the controversial Philippine Rugby Team billboards for Bench Body wherein the members only wear briefs showing their sizzling hot bodies in EDSA Guadalupe, MMDA then removed the billboards of Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Manila Deve­opment Authority (MMDA) released a press statement saying that the tarpaulins on Boni-EDSA showed the 2 actresses both clad in bras. According to them, the said billboards violated the National Building Code and they have no permits. Therefore the said billboards were removed!

The two actresses were wearing only bras in Bonifacio Avenue cor. EDSA, Mandalu­yong City which caught the attention of MMDA. According to them, they didn't intend to cut down the operation of billboard operators. They just want decency.

It also said that MMDA will tear down similar illegal billboards on EDSA-Trinoma and EDSA-Pasay.

Aside from the billboards of Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis for Folded and Hung and of the Philippine Rugby Team for Bench Body, other billboards which were already removed are the billboards of Mossimo, of Aly Borromeo for Bench, and the billboards of Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin for Century Tuna!

Angel and Anne on the other hand already expressed their thoughts via their respective Twitter accounts.

Are you in favor in this new action of MMDA in removing the sexy billboards in the different major roads of EDSA?! What's your though on this?! c",)

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  1. It's a very beautiful billboard of Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband for Century Tuna, very nice. I like it. It's decent. They both look good on it. Sana hindi tinanggal ng MMDA.