The Full Length 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Movie!

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love" is a hit 2010 Thai movie about teenage life and light romance story of teenagers. It star the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer and Thai Sweetheart Baifern. They portray the characters of Sheon and Nam respectively!

ABS-CBN just recently aired their Tagalog-dubbed full length movie of this hit film as part of their Sunday morning "Kapamilya Blockbuster". And I avidly watched it! The story is so nice that makes me remember my high school life and my high school first love!

Well, if you missed to watch that said movie or if still have no DVD copy of it, I have it here for you! Yup, you can now watch the full length movie of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" here in my site.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the full movie streaming of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Let's all watch this:

The said movie is very inspiring! Nam, the girl lead character do everything for love. She is ugly during grade schools and she had a crush with the heartthrob campus cutie Sheon.

Her love for Sheon paved the way to improve herself! She study hard, she becomes part of different school activities, and she becomes beautiful! This is all because of love! Until the end, the film reveals that Sheon is also loving her but afraid to tell the truth to the lady!

Nine years later, Sheon and Nam both became successful in their chosen career. Sheon is a well-known photographer while Nam is a beautiful famous designer! At the end, they confess their true feelings live in a celebrity talk show!

Truly, many of us can relate with the story! The film connotes, "Love Conquers All" which is also similar to my personal love stories! Hope you too enjoy this hit Thai movie! Two thumbs up to the film and to the characters of Sheon and Nam! c",)

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  1. I so love the movie. Its really cute. It made feel young again like I was in my teen years. And most especially, I so love Mario Maurer. He is very, very cute and very handsome on this movie. I missesd the airing this morning on television but I watched it here on the internet. Thanks for this new technology and kind heart of the who uploaded this movie. I love you whoever you are.