Toffee Calma Video Scandal Hits the Internet!

The 90's sexy star and now an Indie film actor Toffee Calma is now the talk of the world web wide. It is because of his alleged video scandal!

Blogs, internet forums, and different websites were now feasting about the video scandal of this sexy actor. According to reports, he is doing a private show, an all-the way totally nude show for exchange of money!

According to a report by Twitbiz Insiders, the alleged video of Toffee Calma was taken from a pay adult website showing various “Camboys” who will do anything the customer demands them to do via chat. Twitbiz Insiders emphasized that the guy on the video has butterfly tattoo on his side similar to the tattoo of Toffee Calma on his pictorial photos. They also contacted Toffee to comment on the issue but the sexy actor refused to grant an interview.

Here is a snapshot of the said sex video:

The Toffee Calma Sex Video

What can you say about the snapshot?! Is it really Toffee Calma?!

Aside from appearing before in the different bold movies and sexy flicks, Toffee was last seen in the TV series "Magkaribal" wherein he played as a gay assistant of Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino)!

Hope that we can get a copy of that sex video and see to ourselves if that is really Toffee Calma or not! c",)

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  1. sya yan, icheck nyo ung ibang mga pics nya, tignan nyo ung tatoo sa my bandang waist nya, meron din sya sa video scandal, parehong pareho