The Official Music Video of 'Green Rose' Theme, 'Bumuhos Man ang Ulan!'

The theme song of the Primetime TV series "Green Rose" called "Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan" is currently the favorite song of many. Actually, it already got the No. 1 spot in the radio hit chart of different radio stations.

Hunk actor Jericho Rosales sung the theme song of their teleserye. And thanks God that they already created a very romantic and inspirational music video for it! Of course his leading lady Ms. Anne Curtis is also in the said music video.

Well, let's all watch this very nice music video of "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan", the official theme song of "Green Rose". Here it goes:

The theme song is very symbolic and sexy! Yup, there is a very artistic bed scene of Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis here in the music video. And it's really good and romantic!

The music video started when Jericho Rosales wearing a formal attire is looking for someone in the middle of the forest holding a lamp. The rain keep on falling on him!

Echo sings it very emotionally. The rain keep on pouring on him while he is singing the song. He is wet under the rain singing the theme song!

And at the end of the music video, he already found Anne Curtis also holding a lighted lamp! Very romantic!

"Green Rose" is already on its second to the last week. And during this period, expect more twists and many more breath-taking episodes! Keep it up Echo and Anne! Another great tandem who inspires our night! c",)

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