Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes on the Three Covers of Magazines This June!

Mara and Clara are really the hottest items today. These two characters truly dominate not only in our TV screens but also in different aspects like in billboards, endorsements, print media, and soon in movie.

For the month of June, the two hot youngstars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes were in the covers of three magazines! Yeah, not one but three! Let's check them out:

The two lead characters of the No. 1 hit teleserye "Mara Clara" were in the covers of the June issues of StarStudio, Chalk, and Total Girl magazines. Nice! They were sweet, young, and cool in these three covers. And if in their hit TV series, these two girls keep on fighting, here in the three covers, they look like they were close friends! Very inspiring! =)

Even though "Mara Clara" is already on its last few nights, there's no reason to miss Kathryn and Julia since these two young superstars are still active in different fields like in the cover of the magazines.

And Kathryn and Julia are set to do their very first movie under Star Cinema with Albie Casiño and Sam Copcepcion as their leading men!

Great one Kathryn and Julia! More powers to the two of you! Two thumbs up! c",)

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