Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz Reunite in the New Head and Shoulder TVC!

Lia and Mateo return on TV. But this time via the new TV commercial! And they were not anymore a werewolf and a vampire now! Rather a very gorgeous pair!

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz reunite in the newest Head and Shoulder shampoo TV commercial! In the said TVC, they portray their real life activities. John Lloyd shares his busy taping schedules while Angel showcases her active physical activities! And both of them are really beautiful here!

Well if you miss Lia and Mateo or the Angel Locsin-John Lloyd Cruz tandem, time now to see them together! Here is the very cool and inspiring latest TV commercial of Head and Shoulder shampoo featuring Gel and Lloydie! Let's all watch this:

Even in this TV commercial, Angel and John Lloyd truly depict a perfect pair! They have the so-called perfect chemistry! People are really wanting to see them back in each others' arm through another TV series or possible movie project!

While John Lloyd is the newest endorser of Head and Shoulder, Angel on the other hand is already an endorser of the said shampoo brand for six years now! Wow, six successful years! Since Angel was with GMA-7, she is already an endorser of this shampoo! And she already had different commercials of Head and Shoulder including the TVC with former onscreen partner Richard Gutierrez! seems that the men linked with Angel join her in endorsing this shampoo brand. Richard Gutierrez and Luis Manzano before. Now, John Lloyd Cruz! Then when will we see Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband together in Head and Shoulder TVC?! That will be a very exciting one! People are really waiting for that! Cool! c",)

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