What Awaits the Final Episode of 'Imortal!?'

As the phenomenal hit TV series "Imortal" is coming to its most exciting finale, thrills, actions, and fights are reaching heights of excitements! What do you think will be the conclusion of this fantasy series?!

On the recent episodes, we witnessed how Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) tied the knot after the memories of Lia returned in her mind. The two couple proposed a peaceful co-existence between the werewolves and vampires!

But the villains of the story particularly the group of Lucille Zaragoza (Vivian Velez) on the side of the werewolves and the group of Imelda (Francine Prieto) on the side of the vampires rejected this peaceful offering! While the good vampires and the good werewolves were uniting, the group of the villains simultaneously attacking one another!

Aside from this, another prophecy has been revealed! The fortuneteller Barang unveils that the first prophecy she told to Magnus (Jake Roxas) is actually fake! The real prophecy is that when the 'itinakdang lobo' and the 'itinakdang bampira' fall inlove deeply with one another, a third creature, the most powerful of all the werewolves and of all the vampires will rise! And this creature will destroy all the clans of vampires and werewolves!

Now that Lia is pregnant, is this third creature Barang is talking about is her future child to Mateo? Or Barang pertains to Lucas (Rico Blanco) who's heart now is full of anger and vengeance because of Mateo and Lia's love affair?!

Lucas will let Magnus escape from being buried. He wants Magnus to kill Mateo. But Magnus will bite Lucas! What then happens to Lucas?! Will he become a vampire at the same time a werewolf?!

Three more weeks to go and we will finally witness the so-called most breath-taking and most-memorable TV series on Primetime, "Imortal" only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Two thumbs up! c",)

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