Lauren Young Takes the Courage in Doing Stunts Inside the Drum in 'Mula Sa Puso!'

The breathtaking kidnap scene of Via wherein she was putted inside the drum and thrown in water was already show in the remake of "Mula Sa Puso". This scene is originally came from the movie version of the original series.

Lauren Young who is now reprising the role of Via took the courage in doing the said dangerous stunts. And she did it not once but twice!

The said breathtaking stunt needed to have a take two. And Lauren who is dedicated in portraying the character of Via didn't hesitate in doing so! According to her, there are times that she lost breath while inside the drum. But still, she has the courage and confidence in doing it!

Lauren's leading man JM De Guzman who is playing the character of Gabriel praises her for her boldness to do the stunt! “It’s amazing because you wouldn’t think Lauren would agree to do a dangerous scene like that. Wala siyang arte sa katawan,” said JM.

In the next episode, more breathtaking scenes will take place! Magda (Dawn Zulueta) and Selina (Eula Valdez) will accidentally cross path in a market. Selina then will know that Gabriel has a connection with Magda and immediately reported it to Fernando (Ariel Rivera).

Now that Via and Gabriel are getting closer, will Don Fernando start to separate them knowing the connection between Magda and Gabriel?! Well, let's don't miss to see the more and more exciting new episodes of "Mula Sa Puso" weeknights before "TV Patrol"! c",)

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