First Look: Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee in 'Maria La Del Barrio!'

You will see them first here in TV Series Craze!It's first seen here in this site!

Everybody is very much excited to the upcoming Erich Gonzales - Enchong Dee another teamup in a new TV series. This time, their love team conquers a Mexiconovela remake!

Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales star in the Philippine adaptation of "Maria La Del Barrio". Enchong will be Luis Fernando while Erich is Maria La Del Barrio.

After knowing that the Enrich or the Cherie love team will topbill this Pinay version of Thalia's hit telenovela, all become so excited to see how Erich and Enchong would look like as they portray the role of Luis Fernando and Maria La Del Barrio. So, I have now the answer!

Here are some of the photo stints of the most anticipated Mexiconovela remake "Maria La Del Barrio" showing how the main characters would look like as they play their respective roles! Get to know them:

The Filipino Maria and Luis Fernando

Maria La Del Barrio with the Villain Soraya

The New Luis Fernando and Soraya

Erich Gonzales as the Pinay Maria La Del Barrio

Enchong Dee as the Pinoy Luis Fernando

Paw Diaz as the Main Villain Soraya Montoya

The Rich Maria La Del Barrio

Maria La Del Barrio and Luis Fernando

Do they really pitted their roles as Maria La Del Barrio, Luis Fernando, and Soraya Montoya?!

Completing the main character of this hit telenovela is Soraya Montoya. This TV series would not be completed if the character of the main villain is not present. In our Philippine version, the former Star Circle Questor Paw Diaz will play the character of the Primera Kontrabida Soroya Montoya!

It's good to note that both Erich and Paw were both product of the former hit artista search of ABS-CBN called "Star Circle Quest". This remake then will be their reunion project! Nice!

So are you now more excited for our very own "Maria La Del Barrio"! Definitely! On my next post, I will share with you the complete full trailer of "Maria La Del Barrio"! Thumbs up Enchong and Erich! c",)

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  1. sa lahat2x na girls sa itaas si a.l. ang pinaka sexy!!!!echosssss!!!!pakkkkkk!!!

  2. i am one of the fans of erich-enchong love team... go go go... stay the same.. be true in everything.. wag pa showbiz tulad ng iba dyan na pilit idini-deny na walang relasyon but the truth is sila na pala (k and g).. don't like them b'coz their not true to themselves.. wish you luck guys and more power.. thumbs up,

  3. napakaganda ni erich,tamang -tama sa Maria La del Barrio ang beauty niya talagang isang Mexicana.we love erich and enchong's tandem,kakaiba talaga.

  4. nice oneee, goog luck to boyh of them... I love them both..

  5. i love u enrich...
    i am so excited w/ your teleserye...
    im sure this teleserye will click to all the televiewers.. good luck and god bless to all the cast...and i would like to congratulate ur director rory quintos...........

  6. Itati Cantoral aka Soraya....MUCH BETTER!