Meet the Four Main Characters of 'Green Rose!'

This Valentines day, get ready as the color of love changes from red to green!

Finally this coming Monday, the much-anticipated Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela "Green Rose" is about to begin! But before the exciting premiere of "Green Rose", let's first get to know its four main characters!

Here are the four people who were all victims of love:

Jericho Rosales as Jerome Delgado

Anne Curtis as Angela Tuazon

Jake Cuenca as Edward Fuentabella

Alessandra De Rosi as Geena Rallo

"Green Rose" marks the return of the four Primetime Bida stars namely Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis, Jake Cuenca, and Alessandra De Rosi. Jericho's last teleserye was "Dahil May Isang Ikaw", Anne Curtis was "The Wedding", Jake Cuenca was "Rubi" and Alessandra De Rosi was "Cara" of "Wansapanataym"! They four lead our very own adaptation of this action-romance-drama TV series!

Jericho Rosales portrays the character of Jerome Delgado, a simple guy with a simple dream in life. He is being accused of killing the rich father of his girlfriend Angela. Afterwards, he will seek revenge!

Anne Curtis gives life to Angela Tuason, She is a rich girl who will fall in love with Jerome.

Jake Cuenca will be the villain Edward Fuentabella. He is a man who’s aggressive in achieving his goals even if it means betraying the people who have trusted him. He wants Angela so he will do everything just to separate Angela from Jerome.

And Alessandra De Rosi is Geena Rallos, the woman who’s willing to do anything for the love of Edward. She will pinpoints Jerome for the crime he didn't did!

So, let's all meet them tomorrow night only in Primetime Bida right after "Imortal"! Nice! c",)

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  1. love the challenging roles,na dapat lang maging sa maovies,,para di nasasayng mga agling ng mga stars,,after all,,work lang ito,,,sana naisama si COGIE DOMINGO dito,,mas intense,,,diba,,