Dingdong Dantes' Character in ‘I ♥ You Pare!’

If Regine Velasquez will have a new character in this upcoming romance-comedy TV series, her leading man Dingdong Dantes on the other hand will have a new look in this exciting series!

Dingdong Dantes will portray the character of Kenneth, a carefree and impulsive guy and most of all, a playboy. His character is described as being “habulin ng mga babae.”

Kenneth will meet the conservative and the probinsyana Tonya (Regine Velasquez) in an unexpected event in the province. They accidentally kissed and gradually fall in love but immediately separated apart! But due to the twist of fate, Kenneth will meet again Tonya who is now the drag queen Tonette in the bar he is managing!

Well, let's get to know more about Kenneth in this quick teaser of the exciting new rom-com series "I ♥ You Pare"!

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