Anne Curtis' Past and Present Meet!

This is a controversial picture scattering in the net today. In this said picture, we can see the former boyfriend of Ms. Anne Curtis who is Sam Milby. And also with Anne is her current boyfriend Erwan Heusaff!

Yup, this is the most talked-about meeting of Sam and Erwan. Did it's hard for the three of them to meet?!

The hunk actor Sam Milby proved to everyone that all is now well between him and former girlfriend, Anne Curtis, even if the latter already has a new partner. According to Sam, everyone should not be surprised with this said photo since he is not bitter with the current relationship of Anne and Erwan. There is also no bad blood between him and Heussaff!

The separation of Anne and Sam was one of the most publicized breakups in show business. Since the 2 decided to go separate ways last 2008, Sam has remained single while Anne has found a new love in Heussaff.

That said photo was taken during the birthday party of the showbiz stylist Liz Uy and was spread via Twitter! It's really a very inspiring photo about moving on! Nice! c",)

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