Kim Chiu Shows Her 'Twisting' Skill Via Her Latest TV Commercial!

What do you think makes this newest TV commercial of the Primetime Drama Princess Kim Chiu extraordinary?! Well, look closely at the images!

At first look, it seems that this TVC is just an ordinary TV commercial. But looking closely, Kim Chiu shows his extraordinary talent!

Yup, Kim shows her skill called contortionist. This is the ability to bend or flex body parts. As you can see in this commercial, Kim bends her legs to her head while talking to someone over the phone and while eating the Goya Twists Pretzel!

This said skill was first shown by Kim during her stint in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 1. She even showed it in her previous Bench Uncut billboard!

This only proves that Ms. Kim Chiu is really talented! She can sing, dance, portray different roles either drama or comedy, and can twist her body just like this! Great one Kim! Definitely, no question why she is now hails as the brightest young star of this generation!

Well, let's see to ourselves this amazing TV commercial of Goya Twists Pretzel featuring the extraordinary skill of Kim Chiu! c",)

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  1. looks like...she's ready for licking

  2. masarap yan kim pag nag sex tayo ganyan lang dapat yung position mo ha:D

  3. This is definitley to be considered as a "What the fuck commercial!" WTFC!