The Much Waited Kissing Scene of Gino and Julianne in 'Perfect Match'!

The much awaited torrid kissing scene of Gino (Lee Min Ho) and Julianne (Son Ye Jin ) will finally take place tomorrow night, December 16, in the hit Primetime Bida Koreanovela "Perfect Match"! Will this also mark the great revelation of the true identity of Gino?!

Everybody is really getting hooked with the story of this romance-comedy Korean TV series! Almost every night, exciting and inspiring developments take place between Gino and Julianne who were now closer to each.

Julianne planned to revenge Charlie for hurting and breaking her heart. With Gino, Julianne will make Charlie jealous so that he will also feel the pain she had experienced. But in the process of her revenge, she is now slowly falling in love with Gino!

Gino on the other hand feels so jealous seeing Julianne and Charlie together. But Lizi, the traitor ex-bestfriend of Julianne wants Gino. She will also do everything to get Gino from Julianne!

In front of Charlie and Lizi, the torrid kissing scene of Gino and Julianne will take place! All were shocked seeing this very romantic moment! What will Charlie and Lizi do now that their target partners were falling in love with one another?!

Will Gino finally reveal his true identity?! What then will be the reaction of Julianne after knowing the truth?! Will she continue loving Gino now that she knows that he is a straight real guy?!

Hayz...we really can't wait for this one! It's gonna be a very romantic moment tonight in "Perfect Match"! Everybody will really fall in love! So inspiring! Hope I can also have a torrid kissing scene like this with my lover in front of the public! Hehe! Nice! C",)

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