Kim Chiu Now Pairs with Matteo Guidicelli in 'Binondo'!

Aside from the soon to be teamed up of Piolo Pascual and Kim Chiu in one big movie project, Kim will also do a TV series with Matteo Guidicelli called "Binondo" which will air next year!

It was announced during the recently held Trade Launch of ABS-CBN the upcoming new TV series and TV shows that will be aired by the network in the first quarter of 2011. And one of these is "Binondo" which will give rise to the Kim-Matteo tandem!

If Gerald Anderson will be paired with Jewel Mische in the upcoming action-fantasy TV series called "Bagwis", Kim Chiu on the other hand will be paired with Matteo Guidicelli in "Binondo"!

Matteo immediately rise in stardom this year as he was chosen to be the leading man of Andi Eigenmann in the phenomenal hit fantasy series "Agua Bendita"! Yup, Matteo is also one of the Kapamilya transferees from Kapuso! Just like Andi, "Agua Bendita" launched the career of Matteo!

Actually "Binondo" is not the first TV series of Kim and Matteo together! We may recall that in 2007, Kim and Matteo with Gerald Anderson already stared in the Saturday youth-oriented show "Go Kada Go"! The character of Matteo in this show also got a feeling for Kim!

The genre of "Binondo" is not yet confirmed if it's a drama, romance, or another fantasy! But everybody is really excited and looking forward for this new TV series in ABS-CBN!

Do you think Kim Chiu and Matteo Guidicelli would be a perfect pair?! Can this new love team even surpass the Kimerald's success?! What loveteam name can you suggest for Kim and Matteo?! Some fans dubbed their loveteam as 'Chiudicelli'! Do you like it or would you suggest a better one?!

Goodluck and more power to Kim and Matteo! Another exciting new love team to look forward to! Nice! C",)

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  1. Yes, 'ChiuDicelli'! seems perfect!

  2. i like kimerald more... x(

  3. Looking forward to Kim and Matteo's team up.
    I like this better than a Sam or Enchong team
    up with Kim.
    Matteo and Kim look refreshing together.
    They have worked together in the past.
    Yhey are both wholesome, career focused,
    religious Cebuanos.
    And they are good friends in real life.
    Many will support this teamup.

  4. ok lang s matteo para kim

  5. but i like to pair with kim is enchong....

  6. i would love to see kim chiu with a new partner.

    approve sa akin ang 'ChiuDicelli'!

    sa wakas di na sya ma partner sa isang asshole na katulad ni gerald anderspn

  7. ..i lkiM to be paired with matt eVenZ... iM aviD faN of bOth...

  8. ..i likE kiM 2 be paiRed wiTh matT EVanz..i'm the avid fan of bOth.. try nyO daW..