AFI Releases the Top 10 US TV Series for 2010!

Aside from the Top 10 films, the American Film Institute (AFI) also released a list for the Top 10 TV shows of 2010. Are you excited to know them?

Well in no particular order, here are the Top 10 best US TV series according to AFI:

"Glee Season 2"

"The Walking Dead"

"The Big C"

"Breaking Bad"

"Mad Men"

"Modern Family"

"Boardwalk Empire"

"The Pacific"

"Temple Grandin"

"30 Rock"

Which of these you love and like the most? Do you already watched them?! Are you convinced that they were the Top 10 best US TV series? Or you want to add other more which are not included in the list?

Here in our country, "Glee" is the most popular. It's because our very own Charice as well as the half-Filipino Cris Darren already became part of this musical TV series.

"Glee" is followed by "The Walking Dead" in the Philippine perspective!

This top 10 list were chosen by a 13-member panel which includes actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, producer Steven Bochco and critics Mary McNamara, James Poniewozik and Matt Roush. Nice! C",)

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