Rico Blanco Got His First Acting Stint in 'Imortal'!

Former Rivermaya lead singer and now one of the famous Pinoy Rock Artist Mr. Rico Blanco finally got his first acting stint!

Yup for the very first time, we will see Rico Blanco playing a major character in the upcoming vampire-werewolf fantasy series of ABS-CBN called "Imortal!

Who would know that a band artist like Rico who is much inclined in music and popularly well-known in the field of Pinoy Rock OPM would be seen acting in a big TV series project? Will people mistakenly identify him as either Christian Bautista or Joross Gamboa since Rico Blanco greatly has a resemblance with this two actors?!

Joining Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz, Rico Blanco will be playing the role of Lucas. Lucas is the heir to a huge real estate empire but he wants nothing to do with the life that is already waiting for him. Instead, he stumbles into the world of Taong Lobos and vampires where he fights to gain the love of a lifetime. But as he starts to see his humanity as his weakness, he gets sucked into a war that will test just how human he is in the end.

Yup, the role of Mr. Rico Blanco in this TV series is the love interest of Lia (Angel Locsin). He will be the possible rival of John Lloyd's character Mateo!

We already see the acting skills of Rico in the different trailers of "Imortal"! Delivering his dialogues as well as seeing his facial expressions, we could say Rico can also be one of the great actors! Probably because, as they always say, a good singer is also a good actor! Agree?! Definitely!

Well let's all catch Rico Blanco as Lucas starting tonight in the highly-anticipated "Imortal" right after "Noah" only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! We really can't wait on this! Nice Rico! C",)

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