Reality Versus Mystery in the Finale of 'Rosalka'!

Two more episodes to go and we will finally witness the scary ending of this hit afternoon TV series "Rosalka"!

Will it be a usually ending in a drama series or we will expect some supernatural events as mystery collided with reality in this hit Empress Schuck's launching TV series?!

Actually the title of this TV series called "Rosalka" was derrived from two words. The first one is from 'Rosa' which is the name of the lead character played by Empress while the other one is from 'Alka', the tiyanak-like creature insides Rosa's back! Putting them together will form the soap's title, "Rosalka"!

At first, I just thought that this teleserye is just a plain drama series. But on the succeeding episodes on its early part, Rosa became beautiful so I say, this has a touch of magic and fantasy!

But later on, I was surprise! It's not all above magic or fantasy that we used to know! It's a terror type story! There is a scary thing, a monster inside the back of Rosa! This monster inside killed some of the people around Rosa!

What more, the monster eventually evolved! On the latest episodes, this is now the tiyanak-type creature! A scary devil baby!

Now on the last episode, will Rosa and their family able to fight and kill Alka?! Or there will be another life to sacrifice?! Will Rosa finally return to her normal appearance which is not anymore a hunchback?! And what will happen to the villains who surrounded them?!

Well, this gonna be another exciting teleserye finale on daytime! The story is somewhat seasonal since later on, we will be celebrating our Halloween! Perhaps, this is an early Halloween treat!

So let's all catch this scary and exciting ending of "Rosalka" this coming Friday only in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic! It's really a frightening story amidst of drama! C",)

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