The Full Trailer of the New 'Mara Clara'!

After we met the full cast and characters of the original and the new "Mara Clara", time now to view the complete full trailer of it!

Dubbed as the "Mother of TV Series" or "Ina Ng Teleserye", ABS-CBN just recently shown the full trailer of the upcoming "Mara Clara" remake.

In this full TV series trailer, the beginning of the story where the conflict arise up to the time of the appearance of the new Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) and the new Clara (Julia Montes) were shown. Of course, the main essence of the story, the exchange of the two babies and the diary were clearly depicted!

Watching the trailer, I saw some changes. In this remake, there is a new character. It is the character of Ms. Gina Pareno portraying the role of Lupe, the grandmother of Mara. In the original story, there is no character of Lupe existed. And also, I have observed that the new Mara now is more assertive and a fighter unlike the original Mara who always accepted the maltreatment to her! In the trailer, I love to see Mara fighting Clara!

So, let us now watch the complete full TV series trailer of the new "Mara Clara" and compare and contrast it with the original! It seems that this new "Mara Clara" is very exciting! Perhaps, this will replace the soon to be ended "Magkaribal"! Can't wait on this...! C",)

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